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Galaxy - Water Jetting Services

Galaxy - High Pressure Water Jetting Services

High-pressure water jetting services is an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipes.

  • Water Jetting of Sewer lines
  • General Cleaning of pipelines
  • Cleaning of tanks, drums, vessels, digester tanks
  • water jet cleaning of drainage systems and lines

Drain Choke Plumbing Service

We provide round the clock drain un-choking water jetting's services. This includes choked bathroom or sink drain. Common reason for drains to get choked includes cement, dried up oil and dirt. One can un-choke the drain by using simple DIY method such as a plunger for simple choke.

    For more severe chokes, you would need to engage a plumber. We clear choke by the use of chemicals as well machine such as high pressure water's jets. House painting is a most drain un-choking repair work would take about an hour to a few hour (for more severe choke) to clear.


    • Make an appointment with us for a plumber to provide a free assessment on the choke drain.
    • After arriving, the plumber would inform you of the price before the work starts.
    • If agreeable, the plumber would proceed to do the repair work.
    • After the repair work is done, you can check to ensure the drain is cleared.
    • Payment is made to the plumber after you are satisfied.
    • Receipt would be issued with warranty period written on it.
    • Should the choke return within the warranty period, you can call the number
    • provided on the receipt and our after-service team can schedule another appointment for you.

    We use professional equipments & proper machinery to clear chokes. Quick response 24 hours service available.

    We specialise in:

    • High Pressure Water Jetting Services
    • Electro - Mechanical Services
    • High Pressure Vacuum services
    • CCTV Inspection of Pipes &
    • Clearing all kinds of Chokes
    • Clear Toilet Bowl Choke
    • Toilet Choke Clearing
    • Toilet Choke Service
    • Toilet Choke Repair
    • Clear Water Pipe Bowl Choke
    • Water Pipe Choke Clearing
    • Water Pipe Choke Service
    • Water Pipe Leakage Repair
    • Water Pipe Burst Repair
    • Water Pipe Drainage Repair
    • Clear Clog Toilet
    • Clear Clog Water Pipe
    • Clear Clog Water Basin
    • Clear Water Basin Bowl Choke
    • Water Basin Choke Clearing
    • Water Basin Choke Service

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