3D Metallic Epoxy coating creates a three-dimensional look and brushed structure that is very unique and becoming a very popular flooring system.

Besides the attractive looks, epoxy metallic floors are also known for their durability so they’re suitable for heavy use – like in garage workshops, gyms, show rooms, restaurants, etc. The process of installation is very quick and what’s maybe the most important to you, the cleaning is extremely easy with one complete smooth floor-no hidden places for the dirt to get into.

How the ‘3D Metallic Epoxy System’ works:
  • First, prep your concrete surface. Surface should be profiled/sanded/ground as needed so the surface is rough enough for good bonding of the epoxy. Use of SCR Etch Prep recommended. Concrete surface MUST be 100% clean, and dry, before proceeding to the next step.

  • Make sure that temperatures will remain between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity below 75% and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 12 hour period following application.

  • Apply DuraKote Water-Based Epoxy, pigmented black (Water-Based epoxy works great as a vapor barrier and primer, and the black color will help the 3D Metallic to jump out). Make sure to wear Spiked Shoes when applying epoxy flooring.
     – Please note that the color ‘PEARL’ requires a double dose: 2 of the 16 oz. containers of the ‘Pearl’ color for each 3 gallons of epoxy. Or, you can select the DuraKote Water-Based Epoxy in ‘Silver’ color instead of ‘Black’, and then just use one 16 oz. container of the ‘Pearl’ metallic add-in.

  • Once the Water-Based Epoxy has cured through (usually 12 hour minimum), sand with a floor buffer and 100 grit sanding screen, and vacuum up all dust. Sanding Screen and Floor Buffers are sold on Amazon, or can often be rented from most local tool rental stores.

  • Mix Dura-Kote 100% Solids Epoxy and then mix in the 3D Metallic Pearl Color (Mixer Drills sold here for mixing epoxy). Pour out contents completely in a fairly long trail for application. Use your spreading tools to create your designs.

  • For best durability, apply a topcoat over the Metallic Epoxy. When the Metallic Epoxy coating is cured through (usually 24 hours), sand with 100 grit sanding screen and then apply a topcoat of either DK-400 Polyurethane, or DK-120 Polyaspartic Coating. Anti-Slip products can also be used in conjunction with the topcoat for areas where water/grease/oil may be present. 16-30 hours after second coat is applied, the surface is ready for light use, and is fully cured after 5-14 days depending on environmental conditions.

  • A final wear-layer of floor wax can be applied periodically over the floor which will add some slip resistance, and maintain the coatings looking perfect.

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